The counselor welcomes the client and provides an overview of the session. In this session, the counselor helps the client develop a change plan and obtain support from an important person in the client’s life.

Assess Client’s Progress and Readiness To Proceed

The counselor asks the client how he or she feels about the two previous counseling sessions and responds empathically to his or her concerns. The counselor addresses any client comments or questions that have arisen since the previous session about the PFR (form AS8), Learning New Coping Strategies (form 1A), or the Quit Agreement (form 1C). The counselor reviews the Quit Agreement with the client and discusses adjustments (e.g., Is the client setting unrealistically high standards that may set him or her up for failure? Has the client identified salient reasons for wanting to make changes in marijuana use?). The counselor photocopies the agreement to maintain a record of client goals.

Welcome Supporter

If the client has brought a supporter, the counselor welcomes him or her and thanks the individual for his or her willingness to participate. The counselor provides general information about the intervention and asks whether the supporter has questions.

In the course of the session, the counselor

• Provides the supporter with information and answers his or her questions about the treatment

• Fosters motivation by encouraging the supporter and client to discuss the effect of the client’s marijuana use on their relationship

• Formulates a change plan

• Identifies how the supporter can help the client with treatment goals and abstinence.

The counselor emphasizes the importance of the supporter’s participation and indicates that in a few minutes the counselor will want to hear more from the supporter but that first the counselor will talk with the client about what has been happening recently:

Counselor (C): I want to thank you both for coming today. Shirley has told me how much help you’ve been to her. We’ll meet for about an hour today to discuss your role as a supporter for Shirley. Does either of you have any questions?

Husband (H): I want you to know how proud of her I am; I’m willing to do whatever I can to help her out.

C: That’s very encouraging to hear. Before we begin, I’d like to take a few minutes to ask Shirley how things have been going since we last met.