Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) was created after the model of Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12 Step way of recovery from alcohol addiction. SAA is open to those whose challenge is with any compulsive behavior of a sexual nature. I'd like to talk about several benefits that one can obtain by participating in a group like Sex Addicts Anonymous. First, when anyone shares what they're struggling with there is so often a sense of relief that comes from breaking the silence or in many cases, the secrecy that has held them imprisoned. This is one of the immediate benefits of attending and sharing in a group like SAA. Keeping challenges of any sort hidden is difficult, but one quickly comes to realize that he is not alone. Second, the core tenant of honesty can be a powerful first step in healing and in overcoming your sexual compulsions. Being honest with yourself and about the full truth of your addiction will give you clarity and a starting place from which to base your future actions. Without admitting where you are, you cannot expect to get to where you want to go. Third, another great opportunity afforded you if you commit to growth through the 12 steps of SAA is the confession to God and self that you are powerless to heal from your addiction by yourself. Many addicts feel that they are all alone, feeling like no one can understand them. Early on they may even feel like they're not affecting anyone but themselves and that if they are going to overcome their addictions it must be by themselves. A confession of powerlessness opens the way to recovery and of learning how healthy relationships with others can breathe life into your healing. Fourth, after giving some attention to your relationship with yourself and with God one of the last steps involves helping others who also struggle. You can help them to stand again as you have learned to do. This is a powerful way to strengthen your own recovery. As you sincerely give to those who are in the place you used to be, you will receive much from the interaction. Our sexuality was given to us us by a loving Heavenly Father for the purpose of drawing man and women together in committed and loving relationships. It is a divine gift that lies at the very heart of who we are. When we experience turmoil in our sexual lives it is frustrating to say the least, but there IS hope. Pure and elegant freedom can be obtained. Anyone can learn from these principles taught in Sexual Addicts Anonymous. Learning about your addiction, opening up to others and committing now to take action will lead you towards the freedom that you have been seeking. If you would like to receive a free mini-course that teaches more powerful principles of healing fill out the form to the right.