Crystal meth abuse in the U.S. has reached epidemic proportions, and as a result there is a growing number of crystal meth rehab centers providing addicts with care and support during the recovery process. But even though knowledge about the dangers of crystal meth has been spreading, many people who need help still don’t receive it. Because crystal meth addiction develops rapidly, many recreational users of the drug don’t realize they’re hooked until it’s too late. After that, denial or worry about social stigma may keep them from seeking the treatment they need.

If you think you may have a meth problem but are still not completely sure, here are a few definitive signs that you need crystal meth rehab:

  • You can’t stop yourself form using meth, and you frequently use it even when you tell yourself that you’re not going to.

  • You have had trouble with the law due to your use of crystal meth.

  • You have stolen or committed immoral acts to support your crystal meth use.

  • You are obsessed with using crystal meth, and you can’t stop thinking about it even when you should be focusing on other things.

  • You’ve had at least one major crystal meth binge that lasted longer than a day.

  • You sometimes regret the things that you do under the influence of meth.

  • Your meth use has interfered with your personal or professional responsibilities.

  • Meth has caused you to hurt yourself or to act recklessly.

Even if you don’t exhibit any of these signs of crystal meth abuse, you may still have symptoms indicating that you need crystal meth rehab. Consider treatment if you’ve experienced any of these things:

  • You sometimes remain sleepless for days, and may crash afterwards.

  • The emotional highs of your crystal meth use are followed by periods of depression and listlessness.

  • You have severe skin blemishes or teeth problems that weren’t there before you started uses.