What's Next After Addiction Treatment

Many People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction finish a drug treatment program or outpatient drug rehab and then wonder, "What's next?" Feeling a little "left out to dry" is completely normal after any sort of addiction treatment.

A 28 Day Drug Treatment Program

Once you finish a 28-day alcohol addiction and drug treatment program, it can seem like the whole world expects you to be a normal, healthy person. After only 28 days of living a completely new life, you may not feel like the world is at your fingertips. Friends, family, and coworkers expect you to jump right back on the horse and get on with your life, even though this may feel like the last thing possible to you.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Works

Once again, we at RecoveryNowTV have to stress that these are normal feelings after addiction treatment. For graduates of a drug treatment program or an outpatient drug rehab who would like a foundation of continued support, sober living facilities are the next step in continued addiction treatment. Sober living lets you reintegrate into society at your own pace, while living in a supportive and treatment-friendly environment. During sober living, you live in a house that is free of drugs and alcohol with other people who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. Together, you can help each other get back on your feet, stay clean and sober, and form life-long connections. RecoveryNowTV is affiliated with two luxury sober living homes, both located in beautiful Dana Point, California. Sober Pacific Living and Womens Sober Living serve a male and female population, respectively, while maintaining a long list of amenities, ocean views, and outdoor opportunities. You go about your life as you see fit, maintaining jobs, relationships, and hobbies. But then you come home to a safe and sober environment for sharing your trials and tribulations. Sober living is the perfect choice for people who, for one reason or another, cannot go back to the living situation they had before their alcohol addiction and drug treatment program. Or, perhaps you realized during outpatient drug rehab that your home environment is neither healthy nor helpful to addiction treatment. These are the common reasons recovering substance abusers choose to enter sober living homes.