Sobriety and recovery go hand in hand, but they are not necessarily the same things. If you’re receiving rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol, you may be “in recovery.” Under medical supervision, just like after a trauma, you might be sober but this doesn’t mean that you’ve reached sobriety. That term is something you’ll earn after you’ve completed the recovery stage of therapy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have made it from the recovery stage to a life of sobriety.

To have found sobriety, recovery has already happened. You have gone through the program, whether it was inpatient or outpatient and you are now living independently without the drug you were once addicted to. Remember that for sobriety to remain successful, it’s important to supplement your positive new mind set with support groups and a healthy dose of family and friends who care about you.

Want Sobriety, Recovery will go Quickly

No matter how much we enjoy our addictions, we must think differently to overcome them. They may have been fun, but it comes down to the fact that this drug/alcohol addiction is slowly destroying you from the inside out. If you really want to sobriety, recovery will be an easy process, at least we hope so. You will still go through withdrawals and crave the drug, but your mind is capable of amazing things. Your strong will-power can help lead you through.