Sobriety meetings are an excellent way to continue on the path of sobriety while keeping in touch with people who are dealing with the same problems you. These meetings can be held in facilities like drug rehab centers or they can be sponsored and help in homes, churches or local businesses. Sobriety meetings work because the collective group of people shows up and share their experiences in regards to their addiction. They help people understand that they’re not alone. The depressed feelings that go with early sobriety are normal and together, the group can voice their concerns and work together to remain sober. It’s like a big buddy system.

Sobriety meetings can be a voluntary group that you join to help stay sober, or it could be part of a rehabilitation program you’re already enrolled in. Often times, if you’re in a rehab facility as an in patient, you’ll be required to have meetings where everyone in the clinic attends to talk about recovery. This is a very useful tool during the first crucial days and weeks of sobriety.

Attend Sobriety Meetings

If you aren’t enrolled, but want to find sobriety meetings in your area, they aren’t too difficult to find. A lot of the time, the newspaper will list where certain organizations hold their weekly meetings and how you can get in touch with a sponsor. You can also talk to you doctor or call a rehab center in the area to get a list of sobriety meetings that cater to your specific addiction. Remember, not everyone who has come to realize that they have an addiction should start attending meetings. You should discuss what method is best for you to start on with a medical professional and proceed from there.