Are you sober and planning on staying that way? If so, perhaps you’ve developed some sobriety tools that you’ll use in your life to help keep you clean. These are things you do in everyday life that help keep you away from the addiction that once caused you so much anguish. Let’s talk about a few of the helpful sobriety tools you can use to keep your life on the right track. Be healthy. It’s important to keep your mind and body healthy once you’ve exited a rehab program. Eat a good diet and exercise regularly. This helps to keep you stress free, and without stress in your life, the desire for drugs isn’t always tapping on your door. Make sure you get enough sleep too, being well-rested is important for your lifestyle. Keep a good environment. If people you’re friends with are users, they may not be the best people to have around. Now, if you are a recovering alcoholic and your friends drink in moderation, they are fine. Just know that you should stay away from parties that will have alcohol in the early stages, which could be years until you know you have the strength to turn down a drink. Also, friends who know you’ve been through treatment shouldn’t encourage you to “just have one.” Remind yourself on how far you’ve come. You’ve come a long way baby! Don’t dwindle on your past and the mistakes you have made from your addiction. Look at how much success you’ve had in your recovery. Think about your future and what’s to come with your new, sober life.

Remember Your Sobriety Tools

When the going gets tough, and believe me, there will always be tough times, just reflect on your sobriety tools. These tools will be your saving grace when you feel down on yourself. Stay healthy in your body and in your mind and enjoy the new life of sobriety you’re going to be living.