A newly clean and sober person suffers from a physical compulsion to use; a psychological obsession that tells them to use, and a condition of spiritual bankruptcy. It is recommended that a newcomer go to 90 meetings in 90 days. There are many reasons for this. A physical compulsion is best described as a full body craving. Hopefully, you got the opportunity to go to detox and inpatient, or outpatient treatment. Sometimes it is a matter of days, sometimes weeks, depending on the substance, before the physical cravings stop being constant. For the first 3 months a recovering addict often experiences intense cravings several times a day. It is so helpful to know you are going to a meeting. You know everyone is routing for you and they've let you know that they believe in you. In the beginning there is something so rewarding about showing up at a meeting with another 24 hours. Next is the psychological compulsion. The newcomers anxiety level is so high he can often feel like he's having a heart attack. So, he raises his hand at a meeting and says, "I think I'm having a heart attack"! Everyone thanks him for sharing and has a little lighthearted laugh. The newcomer thinks this is odd, but finds himself having a little grin. Then the heart of the whole room bends toward him in compassion and everyone who speaks remembers that they felt exactly the same way. They share how they made it through, and even better what it is like for them now. We all understand the experience of the newcomer. You are not alone. You are in a room full of people who know you FEEL MUCH BETTER! "What"?, you say. And, again, that bizarre laughter. Yes, you are told, you feel pain better; you feel guilt better; you feel shame better; you feel anger better; you feel all your feelings MUCH, MUCH BETTER, followed by more laughter. By now any physical cravings you had when you walked in the door have lifted. You are laughing at your problems and you know you belong. As for your spiritual condition, this will take time and work, but every person who walks through the doors of a meeting house, walks into the presence of a Higher Power, God, if you will. This is the unseen miracle of meetings. It is the breath of relief you take when you enter the room. It is the peace and temporary absence of worry that descends on you as you take your seat. It is an entire hour of rest from the bloodiest battle of your life. It is a beautiful free gift from all of us to all of you. Come and join us Today!