Many people have a difficult time trying to quit smoking pot. Although some evidence suggests that marijuana is not addictive, there is a psychological dependency associated with long-term pot smoking. If you are motivated to quit smoking pot, there are steps you can take to ease the transition to a pot-free life. Admit you have a problem, and make a decision to quit smoking pot. Many pot smokers believe they can quit at any time. This attitude of denial is a symptom of substance dependency. If you're honest with yourself about your psychological dependency on pot, you begin to liberate yourself from the addiction process. It's best to take recovery from pot one day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time. Say to yourself, "For this day or this moment, I will not smoke pot." Avoid friends who smoke pot. Many addicts complain that it is hard to quit smoking pot because their friends smoke it all the time. Surround yourself with people who don't smoke weed. Friends who smoke pot may put pressure on you to continue smoking. If you don't want to give up relationships with your pot-smoking friends, make a point not to hang out with them at least for a little while as you begin your attempt to quit. Replace pot smoking with a good behavior. Quitting pot will create a vacuum. Fill the vacuum with productive activities. Start a new hobby, or begin an exercise routine. Find ways to meditate. Start doing things you should have been doing while you were high. Take responsibilities more seriously. Focus on job or school performance. Be honest with yourself about your motives for smoking pot. Many people use weed to escape bad feelings or memories. Make a personal inventory about any emotional turmoil you have been trying to avoid. Addressing issues that bother you will help you to quit smoking pot. Join Marijuana Anonymous, and start attending meetings regularly. The link to Marijuana Anonymous is in the resource section that follows. Twelve-step programs have high success rates for people with substance abuse problems. You will meet people who share similar patterns and feelings. Get a sponsor as soon as possible. A sponsor is someone who will help you address emotional issues and help you quit smoking pot