What to Expect at Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

If you are researching substance abuse treatment facilities, you’ve taken an important first step toward recovery. However, you may be feeling nervous and unsure about what to expect. Here is a brief overview of the process. Before you enter the facility, you will be given information about what you can and cannot bring with you. Since you will need to focus as completely as possible on your recovery, cell phones and laptops are usually not allowed. Of course you may not bring drugs or alcohol; rules about tobacco products vary according to the institution. You should not bring clothing that might be deemed inappropriate, such as shirts bearing offensive slogans or gang-related clothing. Your belongings will be searched when you arrive to make sure you have understood these restrictions.

The Admission Process at Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

The next step is a clinical analysis to determine whether you need detox or treatment for other medical or psychological problems. If you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol, you will be put into a medically supervised detox program, where medications will be administered to help make the process as comfortable as possible. After detox, you will join the general population and begin your addiction treatment plan. This will most likely include group and individual therapy, and may also include twelve-step meetings, recreational physical activity and family therapy. Many substance abuse treatment facilities now make use of holistic protocols such as yoga, nutritional counseling, massage, meditation and acupuncture. As you progress through your recovery and become stronger, you will have fewer restrictions on visits, phone calls, etc. At the end of your stay, you will generally have the option for transitional living or outpatient aftercare, or you may choose to attend twelve-step meetings or continue outpatient therapy while living at home.