Substance abuse is a large growing problem in our society. Substance abuse basically means using drugs and alcohol in excess. This can include legal and illegal drugs, prescribed and over the counter drugs and even the use of chemicals as inhalants such as glues and solvents.

Recreational substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs for the only purpose of having a good time. This could include using drugs or alcohol at a party with friends. These activities can lead to addiction and harm to one’s body. This could be as serious as a seizure, stroke, heart attack or complete respiratory failure, which ends in death.

Alcohol poisoning is a result of substance abuse that is often over-looked. Alcohol poisoning occurs when alcohol is consumed excessively and begins to adversely affect bodily functions. In severe cases, the body can completely shut down and the person will succumb to cardiac arrest.

Using inhalants (also know as huffing) is very dangerous. The inhalant cuts off the oxygen supply to the user. The active ingredients are often very flammable which when used in a poorly ventilated area can cause to an explosion. Inhalants are a quick way to kill some brain cells.

Find Information on Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment should be tailored to the addiction. The treatment for each addict and drug should be customized, based on the need of the person. Many facilities will focus on one particular drug or family of drugs rather than be a jack of all trades facility. Just do your research and you’ll find a treatment center that can help you with your specific problem. Just make sure to research the clinic and ask about payment options and success rates.