Symptoms of Sex Addiction

[spacer size="20"] Sex addicts will change their daily behavior to accommodate their need for constant sexual gratification. The behavior results in negative feelings about themselves and bewilderment. Notice the sex addict is absorbed with fantasizing about sexual exploits. Observe that particular types of sex are often performed without any variation. See that there is no ability to stop seeking sexual encounters even though the sex addict is becoming irresponsible and losing control of life. Note if sex addicts tell you that they want to stop their negative behavior but cannot. They will talk about feelings of guilt and embarrassment and describe their lives as out of control. Watch for other addictions including drinking and drugs. Witness how sex becomes an escape from feelings of inadequacy. Ask the sex addict if they can remember how many sexual partners they have had. Discern if the sex addict is becoming more isolated from people they are close to. Have the sex addict join a group such as Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous. Ask the sex addict to start psychotherapy with an expert in the field of sex addiction. Work with the sex addict on learning to avoid negative sexual relationships, build up self esteem and learn to handle stress.