Cocaine Detox Programs

Cocaine is among the drugs most commonly used by drug addicts, and there are a number of detox programs specifically for cocaine. This is a chemical substance, which strongly affects the mental capacity of an addict. The use of cocaine greatly alters the one's natural thought processes, emotions and feelings. It directly penetrates the brain's neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin that later results to increased heart rate and palpitations. Individuals with cocaine addiction exhibit various signs and symptoms of addiction, which include nose bleeding and loss of smell due to sensory nerve disintegration. Cocaine addicts may also have cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, insomnia, difficulty in thinking and concentration, loss of interest in food and sex, weight loss, as well as paranoia. Continued cocaine use may result to restlessness, seizures, hallucinations, cardiac failure as well as even death.

Addiction Treatment Services For Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine use and abuse requires immediate addiction treatment services from a certified addiction centers. Addiction treatment services for cocaine addiction generally start with detoxification, a process of safely removing harmful traces of illicit substances from the body and help prevent relapse in the future. Cocaine detox is a preparatory step to cocaine addiction treatment and involves the treatment of withdrawal symptoms, which may arise while addicted individuals are being detoxed. These withdrawal symptoms may include excessive sweating, trembling, and muscular ache, lack of interest and energy and depression. These symptoms triggers relapse and can possibly complicate drug addiction therapy programs, hence these symptoms have to be treated at the onset of their appearance. Successful cocaine addiction treatment can result in long-term sobriety and a happier, healthier life.