An Affordable Drug Rehab That’s Beautifully Appointed

Not only is RecoveryNowTV an affordable drug rehab, but it’s also one of the most luxurious Orange County drug rehab and alcohol detox centers available. Situated in the beautiful seaside town of Dana Point, California, our Orange County drug rehab constantly strives to provide patients the best treatment through holistic and traditional methods. Our facilities and treatment program were designed with patient freedom and privacy in mind, unlike other affordable drug rehabs. The list of amenities and opportunities at our affordable drug rehab is extensive. And rather than rigorously structured activities and schedules like other affordable drug rehabs, we give you a lot of room for your imagination and curiosity to explore your surroundings. We’ve pioneered a lot of treatment methods that aim to heal your body and mind simultaneously. These alternative therapies have been so well received that they have become an integral part of the RecoveryNowTV focus.

Go To An Orange County Drug Rehab To Get Quality Addiction Help

Our Orange County drug rehab offers equestrian therapy, where you learn to conquer stress and anxiety through horseback riding lessons. Music and art therapy help you realize the therapeutic and calming value of releasing your creativity. We serve gourmet food in our beautiful dining room, or take your meal out to the manicured grounds to take in the Southern California sunshine. The meditation, yoga, acupuncture and massage sessions will help shed years of built-up stress and angst. The group and family therapy sessions will help you reconnect with your fellow man and heal your family’s wounds caused by addiction.

A Drug And Alcohol Detox Center Prepares You For Treatment

Our acclaimed drug and alcohol detox center gets your body ready for addiction treatment by cleansing it of addictive chemicals in a medical setting. We staff our drug and alcohol detox center with doctors and medical staff so that your safety and wellbeing are assured while you’re detoxing from the harsh effects of drugs and alcohol. Because withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe, our patients almost certainly attend our drug and alcohol detox center before they enter our affordable drug rehab program.