Crystal meth is one of the most addictive drugs sold on the street.  Because of the powerful euphoric high that the drug produces, many people become addicted the first time they try it.  Users of crystal meth often say that the drug boosts their self-confidence and makes them feel more attractive and desirable.  The reality is that without crystal meth treatment, users of the drug suffer a quick deterioration in appearance.  More than any other illicit drug, crystal meth addiction can be seen in the faces of those who use it.

Methamphetamine causes shrinkage of the blood vessels, reducing the flow of blood to all parts of the body.  After heavy crystal meth use, the vessels can be destroyed and tissue damaged.  Without crystal meth treatment, the body loses much of its ability to repair itself.  Slow-healing acne and sores appear on the skin.  The condition of the skin is worsened in many addicts by obsessive picking caused by a common delusion that there are bugs under the skin.

Crystal meth users quickly develop a condition known as "meth mouth" which is characterized by broken, stained and rotting teeth.  It has been proven that because crystal meth is smoked it destroys the teeth more quickly that other types of meth and that damage can occur in as little as three months of use.  There are several theories about the causes of meth mouth.  Some drug experts believe that the chemicals found in crystal meth erode the protective enamel coating from the teeth and that a combination of poor diet, bad hygiene and tooth-grinding leads to broken and rotted teeth.  It is also known that crystal meth inhibits the body's production of saliva, leading to further tooth decay.

Crystal meth is a stimulant the gives users a feeling of energy and suppresses the appetite.  Initially this may seem like a good way to lose weight, but without crystal meth treatment an addict will soon appear aged and gaunt.  Addicts feel more confident and desirable as a side effect of the drug, but ironically the drug is actually destroying their looks.  Before and after photos of crystal meth addicts show shocking changes in a matter of months.  Although many users experience an increased sex drive after smoking the drug, without crystal meth treatment their ability to perform and their desirability are severely impaired.