Once you decide that drug rehab is necessary for you or a loved one, the next question is where? There are a number of drug rehabs throughout the country with so many different options and programs to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. Researching the right drug rehab for you requires first knowing what you want. There are several variables to consider.

Locating the Right Drug Rehab for You

The first variable in locating the right drug rehab for you is location. Most people research drug rehab centers close to home, usually within the same town or a few hours’ drive. While this takes into account the convenience factor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best choice for you. Drug rehab centers close to home can make it all too easy to stay close to familiar people and places that can trigger relapse. It also makes it easier to just leave the facility when the going gets tough and in early sobriety, it can. If you’re familiar with the city and people in it, you know exactly who to call to come and get you and take you out for a beer or a hit. When you attend a drug rehab that is further away, the convenience and familiar triggers for relapse are removed.

The Right Drug Rehab Program for You

The next thing to consider is what the drug rehab program is based on. The majority of drug rehab facilities incorporate the 12-step method as a basis for their program. This is because the 12-step method has been proven as the most successful route to long-term sobriety. Others may be all holistic based, focusing on mind, body and spirit integration. There are faith-based programs, primarily Christian tracks, that introduce Celebrate Recovery and there are programs that focus primarily on behavior modification. As alcohol and drug addiction has been identified as a 3-part malady of mind, body and spirit, make sure when choosing the right drug rehab program for you that it addresses all three areas. On the other hand, if you are extremely resistant to the 12-step model or faith-based treatment, make sure you find a program that places emphasis on other paths to recovery so it doesn’t interfere with your desire to get sober.

The Right Drug Rehab Program is Comprehensive

Ideally, the right drug rehab program for you will be comprehensive. That is, it will offer a variety of options for you during drug or alcohol treatment in such a way that the treatment team will be able to build a program for you based on your needs. This way, even if a program does introduce the 12-step model but also offers clinical therapy and holistic elements such as acupuncture and massage, you are not roped into one path to recovery. There are as many different paths to recovery as there are people who need it. Make sure the drug rehab program you’re checking out addresses psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of treatment.