Oxycontin addiction profoundly reshapes the way the body and mind work, which means that Oxycontin addiction recovery cannot happen overnight. While people who have not been taking the drug for very long can sometimes quit cold turkey with no ill effects, anyone who has been hooked to Oxycontin for longer than a few weeks should consider going through a more formal Oxycontin addiction recovery program. If you choose to do so, here are the stages of recovery you might expect.

Stage 1: Detox and withdrawal

Anyone who is hooked to Oxycontin will undoubtedly experience some withdrawal symptoms during the Oxycontin addiction recovery process. Quitting cold turkey, you would experience these symptoms as severe discomfort and even pain. However, under the care of a treatment program, you can strongly mitigate many of the effects and make the withdrawal symptoms tolerable. Expect this stage to last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Stage 2: Early recovery

Once you get through the detox and withdrawal stage, you may feel invincible for a few days. But don’t let this feeling fool you into thinking that you’re not going to have a rocky recovery. Your addiction may be physically gone, but the mental and emotional symptoms will remain. During this stage, consider beginning addiction recovery treatment or joining a support group. You may be heading for an emotional crash, so make sure you have a strong support network in case that day comes.

Stage 3: Becoming drug-free

After you make it through the difficult (and sometimes exhilarating) early stages of Oxycontin addiction recovery, it’s time for the real work to begin. In all likelihood, you’ve spent months or even years taking drugs regularly, and now you have to figure out how to live a positive, healthy life without them. Working with your doctor or treatment professional, you may settle upon a long-term maintenance therapy, or you may be satisfied with addiction therapy. In any event, during this stage you will build toward a sustained sobriety that can last for life.