The one big advantage with this organization is that is accessible to everybody without any racial discrimination. There are no costs or obligations involved to attend their program through meetings. The only thing required is a certain amount of discipline to control wasteful spending and a desire for paying of debt. Even with all their efforts, there are some people that are unable let go their compulsive habit which in turn becomes a problematic area of their lives. This affects their work, life and relationships amongst all other things in a negative manner. The steps undertaken at Debtors Anonymous are- 1. We admit that our lives are loaded with debt and have become uncontrollable 2. Belief that a super-power can make us sane 3. Turn our lives and will to God intentionally 4. Keep track of moral and immoral deeds 5. Admit our wrongdoing to ourselves, others and God 6. Were prepared to have these things removed by God 7. Ask God to remove these weaknesses 8. Make a list and make amends to all the people that you have harmed 9. Make amends directly to them 10. Continued moral policing of ourselves 11. Connect with God through meditation and prayer 12. Carry this spiritual awakening across to compulsive debtors This organization has many groups arranging meetings across the nation and you just have to find the nearest one. They have a list of organizations with complete contact details.