Beginning Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment is actually a life-long process, because you can never be truly "cured" of addiction. As with cancer, successful treatment means that the disease is in remission, though there is still no cure available.

Cleaning Up With A Medical Detox Program

Without attending a drug alcohol treatment program under the care of medical professionals, you cannot hope to achieve complete recovery. You may be able to stay clean and sober for periods of time, but without a medical detox program and drug addiction treatment, you cannot hope to stay away from drugs and alcohol forever. No one can simply use will power to beat this disease, just as people with leukemia cannot will-power away their disease. Drug alcohol treatment programs typically begin with a medical detox program. During a physician supervised medical detox program, your body is rid of addictive substances in a safe and comfortable manner. This process lasts up to a week in very severe cases, because it's important to let the body adjust slowly. For late-stage alcoholics and addicts, their bodies have grown used to so many chemicals that to simply cut off the supply without constant medical supervision would be near-suicide.

Intensive Drug Alcohol Treatment Programs

After clearing your mind and body with a medical detox program, alcohol and drug addiction treatment may begin. At RecoveryNowTV, we have two types of drug alcohol treatment programs: intensive outpatient treatment and the primary inpatient program. They both last around 28 days, though this may be extended in some cases if you and your treatment staff deem it necessary and helpful. After our drug alcohol treatment programs, you have the option of entering a sober living facility for an extended period of time-usually up to one year-or you may choose to return home. Either way, the professional staff at RecoveryNowTV will work out a relapse prevention plan with you so that you don't feel left out to dry after drug addiction treatment.