The alcohol and drug program that best suits your specific needs is the best alcohol and drug rehab program. This can be considered as an individual and personal disease. To ensure success rehabilitation must be customized. Good drug and alcohol rehab programs share similar features. Upon admission, you are given a psychosocial evaluation. This evaluation is used to determine your current psychological state. It also measures your social skills, attitudes towards drugs and alcohol, and perception of current relationships. The intent is to establish a base line to help measure your recovery progress. The evaluation will determine underlying problems you have including family conflict, suppressed emotions, and past victimization. Identifying and addressing these issues help you build a solid foundation for your recovery.

You are offered detoxification if needed. This is a medically supervised process that helps you deal with physical drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You may need medication to help you deal with the pain of withdrawal. Your rehab program will have medical professionals on hand to administer drug therapy in accordance with your detox plan. Once you have completed detoxification, you begin your rehabilitation. You learn about addiction and alcoholism. This is critical. It helps you maintain your abstinence from alcohol use. You learn why you use alcohol and what it does to you physically and mentally. This understanding helps break through your initial denial.

Counseling is a key feature to a good drug and alcohol rehab program.

A counseling program is designed for you based on your psychosocial evaluation results. You participate in individual counseling. This involves you and a counselor working one on one to help you address problems that can hinder your recovery. Individual counseling also provides support and reinforcement to you for your progress. Family counseling is available for you and your immediate family. Your family may include a spouse and children. It may be your parents and siblings. You decide who your support system is outside the program. It is important that your system changes as you change. It is difficult to return to an environment that does not support your recovery.

Group therapy takes place in the rehab program. You participate in group counseling with other patients. Recovery is more likely if you have a peer group that understands what you are going through. Support is provided without judgment. Group therapy is one of the most important aspects of recovery. In fact, you are given information on AA meetings as part of your aftercare plan. A good drug and alcohol rehab program is one that successfully guides you to recovery. It is strongly recommended to go through several programs to find the best one that suits you in all respects.