Many People’s Story After Attending Alcohol & Drug Rehab

It’s no secret that the majority of substance abusers die of the disease of addiction without ever receiving treatment of any kind. The lucky ones enter an alcohol drug rehab program and get clean and sober with some daily effort. However, most people who do try to recover from their addiction fall short at least once or twice before they’re successful. If this is your experience, it’s no reason to get down on yourself or to think that recovery is somehow beyond you. It’s not.

A Sober Living Home After An Alcohol & Drug Rehab Can Make All The Difference

While RecoveryNowTV does not operate a sober living home itself, we are affiliated with two of the best in the business. Both the mens and womens sober living homes provide a cushion between our alcohol drug rehab program and the hectic pressures of job, family and friends. The normal pressures and responsibilities of this transition are what often drag recovering addicts into relapse because substance abuse is their old coping mechanism for the harsh realities of life. In a transitional sober living environment, this doesn’t need to be the story. We call it transitional sober living because it gives you a safe space in which to transition from rehab to real world. Sober living homes give you a productive and supportive atmosphere in which to experiment with life’s trials and tribulations. If something doesn’t work out, you have a place to share the experience with your housemates, who are all people in the same boat you are.

Transitional Sober Living Programs Help With Relapse Prevention

Just the fact that you’re trying to get clean and sober is a huge accomplishment. As we said earlier, most drug addicts and alcoholics never even try, because addiction so warps their mind that their problems and symptoms are covered under deep denial. What is important is that you dust yourself off and try again. With the help of a transitional sober living program in one of our affiliated sober living homes, you too can guard against relapse in your recovery from addiction.