Persons who are suffering under the burden of alcohol or drug use, abuse, dependency, or addiction often need help to see and understand the seriousness of their problem. Alcohol or drug abuse tends to lead to states of severe denial, such that persons engaged in alcohol or drug abuse do not believe they need to change or even adjust their lifestyles. If a person in this position learns from concerned family and friends that they have a problem, or if they have a moment of clarity that allows them to see their predicament, California rehab can help them turn their lives around. California rehab is designed to help individuals break the cycle of alcoholism or drug use. This is most often achieved through intensive substance abuse treatment given in a supportive and encouraging environment. There are many different kinds of therapy available, so it is important that the individual seeking treatment find the right one. Things to consider are how long the treatment lasts, how often there are treatment sessions, and whether or not the treatment is given one-on-one or in a group setting. Once an appropriate form of treatment has been identified, it is important that the individual who will be participating in the treatment follow the therapy as closely as possible. While there are of course going to be times when the individual has to miss a session, or has a moment of doubt, he or she should keep in mind what he or she is ultimately working towards: a healthy, productive, sober life. California rehab can help by offering constant positive reinforcement, and by providing extra support when it is needed. An individual who has suffered from the effects of alcohol or addiction should have faith in their ability to change. This faith is the first step towards achieving change, and it can be facilitated by the services offered at California rehab. California rehab can help take the desire for change and use it to created real and tangible results. With determination and this kind of support, it is possible to reach the ultimate goal: sobriety.