When someone is addicted to alcohol, it consumes them. It is a disease. The person has developed a chemical dependency to the drug, and they rely on it to function normally. This goes further than just someone who goes out and overindulges every once and a while, though that can be just as dangerous, especially if the person is getting behind the wheel during these binges. Someone who has an alcohol addiction needs to consume the drug on a regular basis. To them, alcohol is as important as consuming food; to them, it is nourishment. If you’re addicted to alcohol, you do not listen to the health risks involved and you disregard the negative consequences, like the social problems it can create. You’re often in denial that you have a problem, and claim you can stop at anytime. Though someone with a true alcohol addiction will keep drinking until they’ve either hit rock bottom or worse, they die.

Dealing with Alcohol Addiction

When you have a chemical dependence to alcohol, treatment is essential to try and stop the decomposition of the quality of life. This addiction can bring on health concerns and can cause problems in your career and family life. People lose their jobs over alcohol addiction and have even lost their families because of their unwillingness to change. Genetic studies are linking alcohol addiction to inherited traits, but it doesn’t have to be so. If alcoholism runs in your family, you can get help before it gets out of control. Don’t fall victim to this deadly drug.