The use and abuse of illegal substances is a reality of modern life. There are many different substances to choose from, and, because they are readily available and relatively cheap, it is no surprise that substance use and abuse is also leading to higher rates of substance dependency. While this trend is disheartening, there is hope. New forms of therapy are becoming available, and are being tailored to the needs of specific kinds of substance users. If an individual is using or abusing certain narcotics, opiate addiction treatment may be appropriate for him or her. Opiate addiction treatment is specifically geared towards the symptoms and problems associated with the use and abuse of these drugs. It is helpful to narrow the scope of therapy to the particular substance because every substance has its own set of challenges and issues associated with it. Nothing can replace the kind of specialized therapy that is available through targeted therapy. This kind of therapy ensures that individuals receive the kind of care that will be most helpful to them. While substance use and abuse therapies are becoming more specialized, there are still ranges of choices available within the specific therapy models. Individuals can choose from different intensities and lengths of programs. Within the opiate addiction treatment model, for example, people have the option of participating in either in-patient or out-patient programs, or of participating in group or individual therapy sessions. There are also many different locations available, so individuals seeking help should be able to find a program that best fits their needs. Opiate addiction treatment can be the key to changing a life defined by use, abuse, or dependency on the drug into a life that is once again balanced, happy, and productive. A person who wants to make that change needs only to bring their willingness to an opiate addiction treatment center or program, and can rest assured that the program will provide them with a supportive environment, well-trained staff, and concrete tools to use along the path to sobriety. It is never too late to make a change. With the help currently available, even those who have succumbed to heavy or frequent drug use can reach the goal of sobriety.