Cocaine is the most abused drug in America today. It is responsible for sending countless people to get emergency care. Cocaine has been around for a while and is nothing new to the illicit drug world however today it is often thought of as an elitist drug due to its cost. It goes under a number of different names including crack, crack cocaine, and coke. Each one features a slightly different variation. Crack for example is a solid form of cocaine that is smoked, whereas the regular form is a powder that is usually snorted through the nose. No matter what kind it is, they are all dangerous, not to mention highly illegal, and can lead to cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction is one of the worst addictions a person can suffer through. It is commonly believed, although mistakenly, that the drug is not addictive as there are no withdrawal symptoms seen like there are when people become addicted to heroin or alcohol. The addictive nature of cocaine is more psychological rather than physical. The drug can cause serious harm to your body. It can affect everything from your skin to your brain. The specific effects of the drug differ depending on a number of variables including the method used to take it, how much, and what it is mixed with. One area of the body that cocaine is notorious for affecting is the nervous system. This can result in a greater amount of energy, being overly excited, reduced appetite, being fatigued, and less sensitive to pain. Some of the mental effects include feeling powerful and competent as well as being talkative and uncontrollable laughter. Cocaine can also affect the brain and cause anxiety, headaches nausea, and confusion. Due to snorting cocaine through the nose, it can cause anything from nasal crusting and irritation to stuffiness, repeated nosebleeds and loss of nasal septum. Smoking crack cocaine causes lung and breathing issues. Due to the psychological issues cocaine addiction causes, if you are experiencing anything like depression, suicidal or homicidal thoughts or hallucinations, get help immediately. If you are not experiencing anything like that, you should still find a way to stop using cocaine, but that of course is always easier said than done. Treatment typically involves the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous (CA) However, there are alternatives to help someone try to stop their addictive habits, including addiction counselling, hypnotherapy and self hypnosis downloads.