12-Step Rehab Center For You

Often in 12-step rehab center programs many patients want to share their experience. This is especially true of people who have remained sober for a good period of time. The feeling is that it is beneficial to those going through drug and alcohol rehab to hear how others made it through. They like to recount the depth of their despair and all the bad experiences of the past. This is followed with their particular path to sobriety, finishing along the lines of follow this example and you too will be sober like me.

The Right Drug Addiction Program

Inherently there are a couple of problems with these stories. One problem is that over time their story tends to change. The bad times grow a little darker with each repetition, being worse than they were in reality. The success tends become greatly exaggerated as well. This is not a conscious attempt to deceive, but more of what keeps people interested in what the speaker is sharing. The story moves beyond the truth, it becomes more of a dramatic representation of the truth. Also a person’s recollections of the times they were out of control and high, are distorted simply because they were high and out of control. The drug addiction program tries to bring them back to reality.

The Way Of Alcoholism Treatment

Another big problem with these stories is they tend to over inflate the path to sobriety of the storyteller. There are several different ways to sobriety, and for those whom they worked, they are all valid. This type of storytelling tends to limit the choice of techniques and skills that may be used to move past drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction must be dealt with in the present and in the future, there is no sense in trying to rewrite the past. Seek alcoholism treatment if you are having trouble with your drinking.