Nowadays 'Health' is one of the major topics on everyones diary. Either you wish to maintain your health as it is, or  you want to get back your health.

Physical health; Mental health; Financial health; Spiritual health and Health in Relationships

One can go on a lot more if I included the health of your pets, your car, your pc, etc. Health is also used to categorise a golfers golf swing. So what actually is health and is there an all encompassing method to get and keep your health. 'Health' is simply a word to define the natural uninfluenced state of something, where all the processess or elements are working in their proper fashion. So, for example, physical health is really the body's condition where all the organs are working at their optimum efficiency and in coordination. Financial health is where all aspects of your finances are running smoothly as intended. To get our health back we generally adopt a method or treatment that is intended to restore the body or finances, etc to what it should be. Often the method we use is not as effective as we might wish and the usual reason is because we are treating the symptoms and not the cause. Do any of the following apply to you: To treat physical ill health we dump loads of drugs into the body which are each individually aimed at redressing a particular symptom. The result is that these drugs will often interfere with one another as well as having their own side effects. Cause is not addressed! To treat financial ill health we take out more loans. I'm already in debt but to 'help' I get another credit card, a bridging loan, a cash advance loan, a second mortgage, etc. Cause is not addressed! To treat mental health we go on a 'retreat', a holiday, an outing, join a group, read a positive thinking book, etc. It is good to do these but at the same time if I ask myself if I am treating the cause, the answer is often: No. Cause is not addressed! So what is the cause? The cause in virtually all (I believe ALL, but I write virtually in case I may discover something that states otherwise) aspects mental makeup. Or you could say my beliefs, or in Eastern philosophy there is a word 'sanskar'. It is this that is manifesting in my life as good or bad physical, mental, spiritual, financial, social,etc. health. Address this, that is put my beliefs back in order and everything else in my life ('life' in this context is the manifestation of my sanskar, beliefs, etc.) will start to come right. Although it is excellent to start discovering and in turn adjusting our limiting and even damaging beliefs, we must also deal with the current symptoms; they cannot be ignored. In regards to our physical health I strongly believe that natural remedies are the best way to start the healing process. The reason is that irrespective of your condition natural remedies work WITH the body rather than attacking the symptoms. In that way natural treatment solutions will help in treating with the deep seated physical cause of illness or disorder. Also they often work in a holistic fashion so there are very less side effects if any