You’ve decided you’ve had enough and are tired of living a life of substance abuse and addiction. You want to learn how to break free and want to get yourself some good addiction treatment. But you’re nervous because you don’t know what to expect. It’s okay to be nervous when you’re considering addiction treatment. It’s new and you’re embarking on what could be a great life adventure. I know, that sounds goofy, but it’s true. If you’ve been addicted for a long time, maybe you’ve forgotten what an addiction-free life feels like. Choosing a quality addiction treatment center will definitely be a new and exciting adventure. But, what can you expect in rehab? It does depend on the program. Most addiction treatment programs like to work in conjunction with a medical doctor to monitor your health. Many addictions have withdrawal side effects and there are medicines to help you get through it without damaging yourself, or that can minimize the withdrawal discomfort. After that, you can expect to receive counseling – both individual and in groups. While you may find that you prefer one form of therapy over another, don’t neglect trying them both. Individual therapy can help with your and your unique issues. But group therapy is great to keep you from feeling so alone as you battle your addiction – and win.

Let People Help You in Your Addiction Treatment Program

If you’re offered the chance to have a sponsor to talk to, take it! You’ll find the support system goes a long way to help you not only break your addiction but develop the healthy habits that will keep you sober. It helps if you can talk to someone who has been through it, and in group therapy, and other forms of addiction treatment, you’ll find the support you need from the people who have been there.