Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of substance abuse in the U.S., and thousands seek help each year through alcohol rehab. However, many who seek the help of an alcohol rehab center are not the addicts. Because many alcoholics have trouble admitting to their addiction, friends and family often intervene to find their loved one the help they need. When an alcoholic chooses alcohol rehab, they are admitting that they are unable to overcome their addiction alone. This realization can be very difficult for many alcoholics to achieve which can be very hard not only concerned family and friends, but for the addict as well. Alcohol addiction has the power to turn abusers into someone they hoped never to become, and can destroy the life of the addict as well as those of their loved ones. Although thousands of alcoholics choose treatment, many never do as the need to avoid withdrawal and coping with life outside of alcohol may be greater than the desire to achieve sobriety. However, all hope should not be lost. Thousands of alcoholics do choose rehab every year; however, they should only enter treatment after admitting to having a problem and making the decision to become sober. Being forced into an alcohol rehab facility or program may compromise an alcoholic’s recovery as they may not be fully committed to attaining sobriety. Often family and friends contact a professional to stage an intervention to help their loved one realize that their alcohol abuse is becoming destructive. Once an alcoholic admits to having a problem, there are many rehab facilities and programs available to help them overcome alcoholism. The most important factors to determine when choosing an alcohol rehab center or program are the personal needs of the addict, and the addict’s family, to ensure success. Emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs, as well as the amount of time one is able to commit, should all be addressed before choosing a treatment center. Due to the large number of alcohol rehab centers and programs, treatment approaches vary as well as level of commitment. Although each alcohol rehab center or program is designed to treat the addiction and to help the individual find life without alcohol, it is always important to seek out professional recommendations or referrals to ensure the alcoholic finds the best alcohol rehab center suited to their needs.