Anyone who has ever suffered with an addiction to alcohol has likely heard of Alcoholics Anonymous. This long-standing organization has been the center of success for many recovering alcohol addicts. The support found within the Alcoholics Anonymous groups is unparallel and the fact that there is a chapter in virtually every city makes this an invaluable resource. One of the most appealing aspects of attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is that there is no cost to the participants. They can go to as many or as few meetings as they like and never have to spend a penny to do so. They are also assured that they won't be required to go into intimate details about their personal lives. Everyone there knows that and respects it. There are A.A. meetings held in almost every major metropolitan city. In some locales meetings are held daily, while in others they are held once a week. Anyone who feels they have a problem controlling their alcohol consumption is encouraged to attend a meeting. They aren't required to participate and can instead listen as the group's leader addressed those present. During many meetings people in attendance will share their individual stories and will be offered support by others. Many people who attend these meetings have done so for years. The premise behind the idea of bringing people with alcohol addiction together is that they can offer genuine understanding and support to one another. Every member is offered the chance to have a sponsor, which is another member who can offer individual support. If one person feels they may be failing by becoming tempted by alcohol again. Remaining sober is the goal for all those attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. However, some people do slip back into their old habits and will go back to consuming alcohol. They are always welcomed back to the meetings at anytime to begin the recovery process again. A.A. meetings are seen as the most crucial aspect of many people's recovery from alcoholism. They have been in existence for over seventy years and in that time have grown to become a world-wide presence. Anyone considering trying to beat their addiction would do well to consider attending an A.A. meeting in their community. The compassion and understanding found there builds the foundation for a successful recovery. Finding an Alcoholic's Anonymous chapter is as easy as checking out the local phone directory. A quick call reveals when and where the meeting is held. Then it's just a matter of staying prudent about attending them.