Who Should Use This Manual?

The manual is designed for use by experienced clinicians. Counselors should follow the outlined procedures and should have the opportunity for regular consultation with clinical supervisors familiar with the BMDC approach. Detailed treatment protocols define goals for each session and standardize counseling techniques but also permit flexibility. All BMDC counselors should meet the following criteria:

• A master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or a closely related field

• At least 2 years of clinical experience after completion of degree or certification

• Experience in conducting treatment consistent with BMDC

• Experience in treating people who abuse or are dependent on drugs or alcohol.

This manual is a blueprint for treatment and is not a substitute for training and supervision. The material may not be appropriate for all clients or clinical programs. This manual should be viewed as a supplement to careful assessment of each client, appropriate case formulation, monitoring of clinical status, and clinical judgment.

Supplemental reading C in section VII provides detailed information on effectively implementing and managing BMDC; appendix A provides a session rating form to guide supervisors.