Alcohol Addiction Kills

Alcohol addiction is a life threatening disorder which when not treated may cause not only a string of illnesses but untimely death as well. This disease is characterized by strong compulsion to drink or an inability to stop once drinking has commenced. Alcohol addiction has been linked to countless crimes and hardships in the family and in the community.

Centers For Addiction Treatment

Centers for addiction treatment say that alcoholism happens when a person consumes too many alcoholic beverages such as beers, wines, and spirits. Beer results from a short-term or incomplete fermentation that usually last a week or two; wines involve longer (complete) fermentation and longer aging process that lasts between months to years and even decades. Spirits are distilled fermented grains, fruits or vegetables to which sugars and flavorings are added. These beverages contain ethanol, a psychoactive drug that produces a depressant effect to individuals. When taken in smaller amounts, ethanol provides the body with significant psychoactive effects, however too much of this can rather be addictive. Too much alcohol intake alters the brain's natural processes; it can cause slurred speech and delayed reflexes. It also alters digestion and metabolism of most nutrients in the body. As a result, alcoholic individuals are at risk of malnutrition and mineral-deficiency. Persons with alcohol problems are also at risks of developing serious illnesses of the heart and liver and cancer.

Choosing Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment is very important. Choosing alcohol addiction treatment may seem like a daunting task but it is worth the difficulty if it will save a loved one's life. This treatment can help protect individuals from serious physical and mental health problems and can also curb problems in the family and community.